Top 12 ways to Fix Your Employees!

When the talking stops, and you fear you might lose people’s engagement, there are some sure fire ways to get your employees striving and motivated again.  Any of these tactics work by themselves, but it is always best for a manager to work on them all!  Look for an opportunity each day to implement one or more of these techniques. Set a goal for yourself and decide you’ll conquer one each week through practice and application.


Our mission is to constantly update and share with you the best practices and examples of how to keep your employees inspired and performing at the best levels possible. Please share with us what is working for you!


  1. Encourage Questions
  2. Listen reflectively and with empathy
  3. Share but don’t talk too much
  4. Create a community they want to be part of
  5. Find out what matters to them
  6. Make eye contact and show you care
  7. Ask permission rather than make assumptions
  8. Keep your word. Under-promise and over-deliver
  9. Be authentic and consistent
  10. Give feedback often
  11. Help them focus by creating an environment that works for them
  12. Support their professional development

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