Share but don’t talk too much


Too. Much. Information.

Sometimes people simply tell us too much information.

We don’t need to hear all of the details. We just need to know the facts and not all the personal things. Also, managers, your people don’t always need to hear all the things you know. They will just get confused because often they don’t know the backstory.

They don’t know all of the factors that went into a decision, and without those what you are telling them is out of context.


Tell us just what we need to know; any more than that confuses the issue. I don’t need to know the backstory – in fact it will only confuse me if you tell me the backstory. Give me the facts that are relevant to our discussion; give me some context and history, and from that let me come to my own conclusions. If there is only one answer, don’t make me process for nothing – tell me up front! Let me know what is up for discussion and what is not.



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