Listen With Empathy


We don’t listen well.

We think about what we are going to say next rather than what the other person is actually saying.

Listen to me as if you are the one feeling the impact of a decision. Listen to me as if it matters how I feel and you feel the same way. Listen to me so that I hear my own voice in your answer.


Listen without judgment. Listen without bias. Listen to actually hear, not to interpret.

Wait to interpret or make a judgment call until you have heard the full story. Often our impatience has us interrupt or interfere before the other person is done with their thought. Pause, let them finish, then think about what was said before responding.


Here’s how it could sound:

Instead of: I know you’re troubled about this, but it will work out, trust me.

Try: Sounds like you don’t think this will work. What are your biggest concerns? What do you think will get in the way?



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