Keep Your Word. Under-Promise and Over-Deliver


Please do not tell me one thing and then deliver something else.

If you say you will be there, be there. If you know you won’t be there, tell me not to expect you.

Don’t worry about my disappointment. I will be much more disappointed if you tell me you will do something and you fail to do it.

This was hard for me many years ago when I was working three jobs and my kids would ask if I’d be at their activities. I’d always say, “I would like to be there and I’m going to try,” and they would get their hopes up. What I needed to have said was, “I probably won’t get out in time and if I make it at all I’ll be late.” That would have meant that if I DID attend their activity it would be a wonderful surprise, not expectation-fulfillment. Too often my “try” meant no. If you don’t say no, people will expect a yes.


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